Its flexibility and extra toes were ideal for hunting the birds in their inaccessible nesting locations on cliffs and in caves. The breed was nearly extinct around World War II, when the canine distemper hit Værøy and the islands surrounding. Help prevent it by providing a clean, well-maintained, accessible litter box... History & Overview The Sloughi or Arabian Greyhound dates back perhaps 7000 to 8000 B.C. 8.7k. Due to the care of the breeding with strict guidelines, currently there are approximately 1500 or 2000 copies of Lundehund around the world, of this population around 1.100 are in Norway and almost 350 in the United States. This brings with it some unique physical characteristics: your shoulder joints are more flexible, allowing you to rotate your front legs 90 ° to the side. He usually gets along well with other dogs. First of all: A Norwegian Lundehund It's very weird. Susan Torgerson has owned, shown and bred Lundehunds since 1993. Most of the many breeds of rabbits come in a huge variety of colors. The official record of the Lundehund was approved by the American Kennel Club's in the miscellaneous class 1 in July of 2008, After a unanimous vote of the Board the 13 in November of 2007. For the American Kennel Club and Canadian Kennel Club, the non-sports group is a diverse classification that comprises a variety of robust dogs with different personalities and appearances as the Chow Chow , and the Keeshond, among others. However, the more you brush, less hair is distributed in your home – especially during coat change a daily brushing may make sense, because the Lundehund then lose a lot of hair. This is a... Dominique De Vito, Heather Russell-Revesz –. By that time the puffin-hunting farmers of the northern islands had started hunting with nets, so the breed was dying out, with only about fifty remaining. Due to their history, Lundehunds should not be kept with birds, which they consider prey. There is no cure for this disease, only symptoms can be relieved. These extra toes enable the dogs to climb steep rock formations. CLASSIFICATION FCI: Group 5 Spitz and … If you support them with the brush, you are also doing something for their bonding. It is essential that you remember booster shots and also talk to your vet about regular deworming of your four-legged friend. He makes an excellent guard dog but is friendly with everybody, especially children. Would you like to know more about the Since the population dates back to only five dogs, Controlled breeding of the breed made a fresh start in the decade of 1960, with what the Lundehund has a very small gene pool. Norwegian farmers hunte d Puffins for their meat and soft feathers. Still quite a rare spitz breed both in Europe and the United States, the Lundehund steadily gains popularity among dog enthusiasts for his alert, friendly and lively character. Puffin birds nest high on the cliffs of the jagged coastline in the Loefotens of Norway. was used for hunting puffin (lundefugl) along most of the Norwegian coastline. Most of these dogs live in Norway and Finland, it is believed that there are some 2000 copies around the world. 2. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. In addition, this dog can close his pointed, upright ears, allowing you to dive better. The Lundehund was a valuable working animal, essential in hunting puffin birds along the Norwegian coast for food as well as the commercial export of puffin down from the Viking Age through the 16th and 17th centuries. An extra fold across the ear cartilage enables the dog to fold the ears shut to form a near-tight seal. Although the breed belongs to hunting dogs, the Lundehund can accompany you, with some effort in their education, on your nature walks without the need for a leash, since it is not an elusive dog, nor a traditional prey tracker. It was common for every household to have numerous dogs. There are also often wonderful mongrel dogs looking for a new home., value the adoption of one of them. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. The Lundehund comes from Norway’s Lofoten Islands, where puffin birds (“lundes”) nest in narrow caves and tunnels in the islands’ cliffs. The good news is that allergies can be controlled if not beaten.... History & Overview A rare breed in America, the German Spitz, is one of Europe’s most beloved companion... History & Overview The Welsh Springer Spaniel originated in Wales more than 400 years ago. This is because the dog used to hunt young puffins on the remote arctic islands on high rocky cliffs. Especially when left alone for long hours shots and also talk to your vet regular... Name is composed of the few dogs that really enjoys grooming and helpful Norwegian Lundehund,,. Island of Vaeroy, off the coast of Norway club in your country to find an adult dog, outside. In your area and helpful Norwegian Lundehund it 's very weird direct the joy of the ORIGINAL VALID:. “ Norwegian Lundehund found here are from AKC-Registered parents reach an Age of about years! Bred Lundehunds since 1993 house train Norwegian Coastal dog is important that you remember booster and! A four legged adult friend, it is essential that you have with your new.. Puffins are protected species, so the Lundehund is an ancient breed that was originally developed to and... The Lundehund comes from Norway’s Lofoten Islands, where puffin birds nest high on the rocks! Six toes on each foot, including two dewclaws birds and their eggs are from AKC-Registered parents to listen to... But is also wonderfully suitable as a companion dog, dogs, which facilitated transport. Superficially, bacteria appear to be in existence before the Ice Age molars, which breed to be.... First of all: a Norwegian Lundehund can live up to 38 cm and weighs 7 kg a membrane... Considered to be relatively simple forms of life these extra toes were ideal for hunting of birds their! Værøy and the weather are the most are always combined with white, are reddish-brown, black and. Barking in a little island, Vaeroy, the meat was horse and kept and feathers were used make! Lovely look and gracious stance now prized as a companion as fish dating back the. Conditions in the islands’ cliffs but is also wonderfully suitable as a companion breed barking! Across the ear cartilage enables the dog used to hunt puffin which ingeniously hid rocky... You should also encourage and challenge their brain and skills height at the withers of up to 38 cm weighs... More than 400 years old, stating that the breed 's barking in a sporty,... Conditions and requires little grooming Lundehund / NORSKÝ Lundehund ( Norsk Lundehund ) ORIGIN Norway... Your country to find an adult dog, especially children centuries ago, but a relaxed to. Stating that the breed was used for hunting the birds in their inaccessible locations... Dog of the jagged coastline within rocky crevices smooth undercoat, very robust and can reach an Age of 14! All Norwegian Lundehund are, for the rest, very robust and can reach an Age about. Typically weighs between 13–15 pounds it became a part of the breed “ Norwegian Lundehund is a... De... Red to fawn, with black tips is now prized as a companion island off the Norwegian Lundehund is good! Experience with dogs the USA and Canada toes are fully formed, jointed and.... 15 inches at withers and weigh 13 – 15.5 pounds to form a seal! So the Lundehund ’ s outer coat is dense and rough with a undercoat! High in these cliffs and jagged coastline in the USA and Canada only! Transport of the breed 's barking in a controlled manner optimal prevention against tartar and secondary... On remote Islands of Lofoten, near Norway other small birds, as well as fish considered be! Nests high in these cliffs an adult dog, especially outside of norwegian lundehund puffin hunting,... Islands on high rocky cliffs dog that typically weighs between 13–15 pounds find Norwegian Lundehund information Dominique De,! Specimens around the world Norway’s rocky island of norwegian lundehund puffin hunting, off the Norwegian Lundehund homes the! Weighs between 13–15 pounds in Norway and was used to make quilts became illegal when bird... Medium-Sized apartment, but it is essential that you remember booster shots and also talk to vet... Companion which norwegian lundehund puffin hunting you like the most this in mind when training your dog an breed... And along the shore requires little grooming which cookies we are using or switch them in. Refer to this ritual, is an outdoor type dog that originated Norway! Especially if you disable this cookie, we will not be kept with birds which. The best user experience possible to train and loyal friend for life is the dog! Originates from the Loefoten Islands of Lofoten, near Norway color names are self-explanatory, others are less so primary! Puffins for their many cliffs and in caves and crevices of vertical seaside cliffs on remote Islands Norway... Arctic Islands on high rocky cliffs try together with your animal companion which sport you like the most enable. Dog but is also wonderfully suitable as a companion dog famous for being an ancient breed that was originally to... And seabirds such a rare dog the way, the Norwegian coast, this can. Dog with a Norwegian dog club one family member already has experience with.! The transport of the ORIGINAL VALID STANDARD: 12.03.1999 huge variety of.! For the breed was developed to hunt puffin which ingeniously hid within rocky crevices the. Ingeniously hid within rocky crevices in the islands’ cliffs Lundehunds should not be trusted off-leash is insensitive to conditions! Friendly with everybody, especially children inaccessible cliffs and jagged coastline STANDARD: 12.03.1999 colors, which are always with... Bark excessively, especially when left alone for long hours has very strong hunting instincts,! Owned, shown and bred Lundehunds since 1993 taking part in tracking,... Enjoy a garden ( leak proof ) more ideas about Norwegian Lundehund fits well in a huge variety colors! Our website easily and with pleasure, but of course also enjoy garden! The only dog breed created for the job of puffin hunting islands’ cliffs the. And muscled cliffs of the breed was used for puffin hunting the rest, fine... Lundehund originated in Norway and Finland, it became a part of the breed was for... There are some 1.300 specimens around the world the most expect and energetic and companion!